Q: I need to take a water sample, can I just bring it in in a bottle or jar?

Depending on what test(s) you want/need done, special bottles need to be used. For normal potable (drinking) water samples, a closable-top bottle or jar filled from your tap is sufficient. For other tests, we can supply the bottles needed for sampling.

Q: I don't have the time or the ability to drive to your business to drop off a sample or ask questions, what can I do?

Don't worry! TCCI Laboratories, Inc. employs field technicians that will drive out and pick up samples on routes in Perry and surrounding counties daily. Just call in and ask about scheduling a pickup or ask if our technicians service your area at: 1(740)342-1110.

Q: What if I have a sample that I can't get to you and your technicians don't service my area?

If you can't get your sample(s) to us and our technicians don't service your area, then you can mail the sample to us. Some samples require it to be shipped overnight to us but some have a longer hold time. Please contact us before you ship though, so that our lab technicians can be ready for incoming samples and so that the sample(s) don't arrive on a weekend when we are closed.

Q: I have a sample I need tested ASAP, how fast can it be done?

Unfortunately, testing takes time and we do provide services for many clients. Depending on what test you need done, the turn around time can be a day or more. So bringing in a sample the day before you need the results can be a bit unrealistic. You can however request a rush on the sample but some samples do require a set amount of time to complete them in. Contact us to ask if you are unsure.

Q: I have something happening with my tap water; it smells odd, looks discoloured, is causing stains in my appliances, etc. What test should I have done on it?

If you have problems with your tap water, you can see a list of problems and what tests can be done on them on the Private Water Test Packages page.

Frequently Asked Questions